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Our trade support is systematic and comprehensive supporting service including import & export strategy consulting, global marketing,
trade process handling, trade agency.  Through our trade support service,

our member companies and customers can successfully start expo & impo without unnecessary waste of time and cost from lack of experience in export & import.
Our overseas buyers can enjoy benefits of better communication, quality control, sourcing of items, schedule management and 

others through our reliable trade support service.
To provide better service for our member companies and customers,

we try our best to make our trade support  service as comprehensive and integrated service all the time.


Our company below good's handling for import & export world wide.

AUTOMOBILS:   used auto mobils engien,tire,rim,parts.                                  {click}            FOOD:                   confectionery,food & beverage,agriculture,machinries.      {click}  
CHEMICAL:         use in leather industry,textile industry.                                    {click}            TEXTILE:               yarn,garments,used machinries,fabrics.                               {click}  
MACHINERIES:   used machinries for ...

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